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Mariano Rajoy served as the sixth President of democratic Spain (2011-2018).While in office, he prioritized the implementation of policies aiming to surmount the Spanish tough economic situation.

In his presentations, President Rajoy advocates for an economic model based on the success of comprehensive structural reforms as proved during his administration. Moreover, he is a key expert on security and migration policies and a prominent defender of liberal democratic values against the rise of populism. President Rajoy especially focuses on Europe and Latin America, the two geographical areas he knows best.
In the midst of the global economic crisis, the balance of Mr. Rajoy’s budgetary orthodoxy measures, structural reforms and welfare system streamlining enhanced the Spanish economic productivity, which experienced a remarkable growth during his Presidency. Likewise, job creation recorded historical figures that were praised worldwide.
Mariano Rajoy’s policy on security and migration was also widely acclaimed at a European level. Based on a coordinated approach on border control, it promoted cooperation with the countries of origin aiming to combat human trafficking mafias.

President Rajoy has served throughout his career as a moderate politician committed to the values of classical liberal democracies, defending principles far removed from the current populist movements. Regarding foreign affairs, his administration was undeniably Europeanist and had a clear Iberoamerican focus.

Mariano Rajoy is a Law graduate from Santiago de Compostela University and a practicing Property Registrar. He was the President of Partido Popular (People’s Party) from 2004 to 2018 and during his career in politics he served in different positions at every level of the Spanish Public Administration: Pontevedra Provincial Council President (1983-1986) and Xunta de Galicia Vicepresident (1986-1987). During José Mª Aznar’s Presidency he was appointed Minster of Public Administration (1996), Minister of Education and Culture (1999), Minster for Home Affairs (2000), and Minister for Presidency (2002). Furthermore, he served twice as Vice-President (2000 and 2002), and was Government’s Spokesperson.

He was awarded decorations such as Knight of the Collar of the Order of Isabella the Catholic and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Charles III.


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